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Asylum – international protection

You are in belgium because you have fled your country of origin and/or you fear to return there: we can assist you during your asylum procedure.


  • If you risk to receive a “dublin” decision (in case another european member state is considered to be responsible for examining your asylum application) and you have legal reasons to believe that your asylum application should be examined by the belgian authorities, we can send a motived request to that end to the immigration office. In case of a refusal, an appeal can be lodged with the council for alien law litigation (call).
  • We take the time needed for preparing your hearings at the immigration office and the commissioner general for refugees and stateless people (cgrs).
  • We can assist you during your hearing at the cgrs.
  • In case you receive a negative decision, we examine the possibility to lodge an appeal with the call and assist you during the hearing.
  • In case you consult us after having been refused international protection during a previous procedure, we can evaluate the possibilities of submitting a new application for international protection in case there are new elements.


When we are consulted in the first few days after a person has being administratively detained in a detention center in view of his or her expulsion, we can envisage the possibility to lodge an appeal in extreme urgency with the council for alien law litigation against the decision of the immigration office.

The decision to deprive a person of his or her liberty may also be challenged by lodging an application to the council chamber (“chambre du conseil” / “raadkamer”), and in degree of appeal, with the indictments chamber (“chambre de mises en accusation” / “kamer van inbeschuldigingstelling”).


We can assist you in obtaining a right of residence as a student, in case you wish to pursue or start higher education in belgium (visa, change of status and extension).


We can assist you in the procedures in view of obtaining, acquiring or recovering the belgian nationality and, in the event of refusal, to lodge an appeal with the court of first instance.


Depending on the type of decision you wish to contest, we can assist you in bringing the appeal before the competent courts:

  • Council of alien law litigation (conseil du contentieux des etrangers / raad voor vreemdelingenbetwistingen)
  • Council of state (conseil d’etat / raad van state)
  • Council chamber (chambre du conseil / raadkamer), indictments chamber (chambre des mises en accusation / kamer van inbeschuldigingstelling), court of cassation (cour de cassation / hof van cassatie) ;
  • Court of first instance and court of appeal;
  • Labour court and higher labour court;
  • European court of human rights

    Family reunification

    We can assist you in family reunification procedures, regardless of whether the person who wishes to obtain the right to family reunification is residing in belgium or abroad. We can help you with preparing the application and, in the event of a negative decision, with lodging an appeal with the council of alien law litigation.

    Regularisation (humanitarian and medical)

    If you wish to regularize your stay in belgium, a request for medical (9ter) or humanitarian (9bis) regularization is possible. The conditions for both procedures are very strict. We can examine if your request fits into the regulatory framework. After assisting you for preparing the request, we ensure the follow-up and actualization of your request. We can also assist you with applications for extending your residence permit or with appeals before the council of alien law litigation in the event of a negative decision.

    Long-term residents

    We can advise and help you in order to convert your temporary stay into a permanent one (long-term residence – d-card).


    We can assist you in the procedures for obtaining a work permit (for employees) or a professional card (for self-employed persons) in combination with a residence permit. We can also assist you for lodging an appeal in the event of a refusal, including the procedure for obtaining the permits.

    There are three types of work permits (a, b and c), each of them subject to different conditions. Obtaining a professional card is also subject to a thorough examination of the planned professional activity. We can advise you on the procedure and assist you in the event of an appeal to the competent regional minister.


    We can help you (advice, intervention and follow-up) in the context of a visa-applications:

    • Tourist visa;
    • Business visa;
    • Medical visa;
    • Visa for marriage or cohabitation;
    • Family reunification visa;
    • Work visa;
    • Study visa;

    In case you consult us because your visa application has been refused, we will examine with you whether it is appropriate to lodge an appeal or to make a new application.