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First consultation

We offer a first consultation from 80€ to 100€ CVAT depending on the lawyer.

A first consultation allows you to explain your situation, ask your questions and reflect with us on possible solutions and the chances of success of the procedures that can be undertaken. 

Fees in case a file is opened

First formula : Packages

Most of our clients like to know, before starting, how much the entire procedure will cost. We offer packages for most procedures or steps to be undertaken. These packages include to lawyer’s work as well as his fixed costs (opening a file, secretarial expenses, telephone and fax).

The packages do not include any legal costs: enrollment fees, administrative fees, bailiff’s fees, etc.

Second formula : actual fees and expenses

The fees remunerate the lawyer firm’s intellectual work. They include services such as the usual correspondence, the consultations and opinions, drafting of procedural documents, agreements or conclusions, meetings, pleadings and the usual procedures related to the processing of a case. They are calculated per hour.

The fees cover the costs of opening and treating a file (secretarial expenses, copies, telephone, travel expenses, etc.) They are calculated as described below.

At the end of our intervention, you will receive a detailed invoice, including the services and costs. During the procedure, and at your request, you can receive an intermediate report on the fees and expenses. Our statements of fees and expenses are established on the following basis:


100€ to 165€ per hour excluding VAT (depending on the complexity and nature of the case)


Opening of file: 60€ (without VAT)
Typing fees: 10€ per page (without VAT) for ordinary correspondence and 13€ per page (without VAT) for procedural documents
Copy and telephone package: 40€ per file (without VAT)
Travel expenses: 0.7€ / km (without VAT) (outside of Brussels)

Legal fees (enrollment fees, administrative fees, bailiff’s fees, etc.

Legal aid

In order to facilitate access to justice for all, our firm also works in the field of second-line legal aid. The decision to handle a case in this context is made at the discretion of each lawyer and discussed during the first appointment.