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Family law

We extend our activities to all aspects relating to the rights of persons, including family law (marriage, divorce, parental authority, accommodation, etc.).

International private law

Persons moving internationally are regularly confronted with situations involving international private law in order to determine the competent jurisdiction and applicable law or in order to ensure the enforcement of a foreign decision. We can assist on these matters, as well as during procedures such as: recognition of a foreign marriage, international divorce, international adoption, etc.


We can assist you in proceedings in view of establishing or contesting your paternity or maternity.

These are proceedings that often raise questions of international private law in order to determine the competent court and the applicable law or in order to enforce a foreign decision.

Marriage and legal cohabitation

If you wish to get married or to make a declaration of legal cohabitation with your partner, we can inform you about the steps to undertake. If the civil registrar refuses to celebrate your marriage or refuses to register your declaration of legal cohabitation, we can consider with you the possibility to bring an appeal before the court of first instance (family court) and if necessary, assist you during this procedure.

We can also assist you in the procedure in view of having your marriage celebrated abroad being recognized in belgium.


We can assist you with the procedures to obtain, acquire or recover the belgian nationality and, in the event if a refusal, with bringing an action before the court of fist instance.

If you do not have a birth certificate and it is impossible for you to obtain one, we can initiate proceedings before the competent courts in that regard (affidavit, homologation or swearing-in).

Rectification of civil status documents

If a civil status document (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate or death certificate) needs to be rectified, we can assist you in the steps to be taken with regard to the civil registrar. In the event of a refusal, we can intervene in order to bring an appeal before the competent court.

We can also help you with the rectification of data contained in the civil registers.